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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Born:   January 17, 1954

Education:  Harvard College; University of Virginia Law School, master's degree in environmetal law.


Bobby and his first wife Emily were separated in 1992, although they still shared the same residence in Bedford, NY where Emily still lives. Bobby divorced Emily on 3/25/94; he travelled to the Dominican Republic to get a "quickie" divorce so he could marry the pregnant Mary Richardson, just three weeks and one day later on April 15, 1994 aboard a research vessel on the Hudson River. They were married by a local justice of the peace. Although Bobby's priest/friend Father Tom Barry was present at the ceremony, it was not a Catholic service.

Bobby filed for divorce from his second wife Mary in 2010. Mary died on May 16, 2012 of suicide. They have 4 children. He also has 2 children with his first wife Emily. As of 2012, Bobby spends most of his time in Los Angeles with actress girlfriend Cheryl Hines.   His children are:  Robert Francis Jr (born Sept. 13, 1984), Kathleen Alexandra (born April 13, 1988), Conor Richardson (born July 24, 1994), Kyra LeMoyne  (born Aug. 27, 1995) and William Finbar (Fin) (born Nov. 8, 1997) and Aidan Coahman Vieques (born July 13, 2001).

Environmental Endeavor:
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has spent the past thirteen years of his life as an environmental advocate. The environmental lawyer represents two New York based companies, the Hudson Riverkeeper, which is concerned with the clean-up and protection of the Hudson River, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a national lobbying and litigation group, where he is a senior staff attorney. He is also an Environmental Law professor at Pace University.

Kennedy has had a passion for nature since he was a young child and was considered the nature boy of the family. Bobby, the third of eleven siblings, spent most of his early summers playing with his dogs, homing pigeons, and even caring for an abandoned sea lion, while his 28 cousins played touch football and other sports. His cousin Christopher Lawford recalls, "Bobby was lord of [his] jungle, and he could spend hours with it. He had this ability to communicate with animals that the rest of us didn't."

More recently, Kennedy has been concerned with issues involving politics. He campaigned hard for Mario Cuomo, the father of his brother-in-law, against George Pataki in the 1994 New York gubernatorial election. Pataki had no plans to stop development around New York City's upstate reservoirs and, instead, was going to force the city to build an $8 billion water-filtration plant. However, after the election, Kennedy joined forces with Governor Pataki to unveil an agreement that allows New York City to control the watershed lands surrounding the upstate reservoir system. In turn, the city will spend a total of $1.2 billion over the next ten years--including money to pay upstate localities for sacrificing development opportunities. Though criticized for putting aside his party affiliation, Kennedy claims that he is not a politician and simply wants to do good.

Kennedy wanted to involve environmentalists in shaping the deal, but the idea was rejected by Pataki's counsel Michael Finnegan who feared "radical perspectives." Still, Kennedy and others did promise to file suit if negotiations ever headed in the wrong direction.

The attorney also recently joined Michael Kennedy on a trip to Cuba as part of a delegation of American energy experts and environmental safety advocates to urge Fidel Castro to get rid of the nuclear program. The visit was organized by the NRDC and the Citizens Energy Corporation whose belief is that alternative energy sources would be cheaper, cleaner, more efficient and, most importantly, safer. Kennedy has been quoted as saying, "I try not to invest in the results of the work; I try to focus on the fact that the work clearly ought to be done."

Interestingly, Kennedy was inspired to become active in environmental causes while recovering from a drug problem. Arrested for possession of heroine in 1983, at age 29, he worked for the NRDC and the predecessor of the Hudson Riverkeeper as part of his community service program. He swore off drugs and liquor at that time (a promise his friends say he has upheld), and began legally representing the two companies in 1984.

Late July 2004 Bobby Jr. released a new book entitled, ""Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals are Plundering the Country and Hijacking our Economy."

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